Welcome to Toolpeek Solution !

PHP Functions Online

Run PHP functions online on your browser. It allows you to preview the results returned by some simple php functions.

Developer Tools

A collection of tools to help programmers work more efficiently. We have tools to help optimize your source code, help you clean or calculate the input data quickly.

Network Utility

Tools for diagnostic and analytical network connection. Checking your DNS, your domain name status online. And more.

Online Conversion Toolkit

The tools help convert time, currency, units of measure ... accurately, quickly.

String and Text

Online tools enable you to perform operations with text content quickly. We support the functions of searching, replacing, editing, analyzing, disassembling and many other operations with your data.

Social Network Utility

To posting content on social networks like facebook or youtube more efficiently. We provide you with the tools to help you analyze, statistically, or experiment with social content for free.

Toolpeek is a collection of online tools and utilities for programmers and internet users. Any suggestions please contact us.